Bangkok Movie Awards, BMA

A Gem of Historic Thai Cinema

Thailand has a long and rich history of filmmaking, dating back to the early 20th century. The first film screening in Thailand was held in 1897, just a year after the Lumière brothers’ first public screening of a motion picture in Paris. Since then, Thai filmmakers have developed their unique style and approach to filmmaking, with many films exploring themes such as family, society, and the supernatural.

In addition to filmmaking, Thailand also has a rich tradition of film-going, with many cinemas and movie theaters located throughout Bangkok and other major cities.

In recent decades, Thai cinema continued to evolve and develop, with filmmakers exploring a range of genres and themes. The 2000s saw the emergence of a new wave of Thai cinema, with the country’s filmmakers gaining international recognition for their work and organizing brilliant film festivals in Thailand. 

How BMA is upholding the Cinema of South-East Asia

The Bangkok Movie Awards, BMA, is shaping the future of the film festival in Thailand, the South-East Asian region, and the entire world to evolve and adapt to changing trends, technology, and cultural preferences. With the rise of streaming platforms, how people consume and enjoy films is changing rapidly; BMA is guiding the world’s filmmaker community to stay relevant and competitive.

By conducting LIVE screenings, Annual Gala events, interactive sessions, workshops, and film festivals in Bangkok, we’re giving a stage to independent filmmakers in countries, especially United States, Great Britain, Singapore, India, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines to showcase their talents to the world and nurture their filmmaking abilities by learning from some legendary film personalities.

We always care for layman filmmakers coming to the filmmaking sphere with masterly abilities and eyes full of dreams. Many times, budding filmmakers need help showcasing their cinemas due to a lack of distribution channels for indie cinemas — Bangkok Movie Awards facilities as their very own film carnival from every aspect possible.