Bangkok Movie Awards, BMA

Film Fest & Competitions
Bangkok Movie Awards, BMA organizes international film festivals and competitions while accepting entries worldwide. We treat every filmmaker uniformly and welcome any film work regardless of its subject, language, origin, or content.

It is essential to remember that Bangkok Movie Awards’ events are highly competitive, and many of the submitted films are not selected as Finalists for the LIVE event. However, even if your film is not selected for the Final Round, the submission process can be a valuable learning experience.

Taking part in competitions and film festivals in BMA will help you improve your filmmaking skills and growing understanding of today’s film culture. An applicant’s film will be privately screened to our honorable Jury of Judges and will not initially be screened to the public.

BMA Competition Submission Categories:

Short Film

BMA’s Short Film Category is for fictional films, features run less than 40 Mins.

Documentary Film

BMA’s Documentary Film category is for non-fiction films of any length.

Narrative Feature

Our Narrative Feature Category is for fictional films that run 40 minutes or longer.

Experimental Film

BMA’s Experimental Film category is for experimental cinemas of any length.

Feature Script

A special Category for the Feature Script work (any length)

Short Script

Category for the scripts and calligraphy of a film (any length)

Student Film

Films that have been shot, directed, produced by the students of any Film school are eligible in this category.

* Student status evidence required

Animated Film

BMA’s Animated Film category is for films of any length, primarily featuring animated content or stop-motion animation.

Women’s Film

BMA’s this exclusive Category accepts entries of films crafted by Female Filmmakers.

Drone Film

The Documentary Drone Film category is for non-fiction films of any length.

Web, New Media

BMA’s another famous Category for 3D, Animation, Apps, Digital Comics, SRC- Socially Responsible Content, STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Art-related Filmworks.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) and 360° Video of any length.

Film on Women

The non-fiction, Documentary Film category is for films of any length that primarily talks about women-related issues.

Horror, Science Fiction Feature

BMA’s one of the major competitive Categories for the films of Horror, Science Fiction genres of any length

Young Filmmaker

Our Young Filmmaker Category is open only to budding filmmakers (Under 18).  *Age proof required*

Debut Filmmaker

1st or 2nd Film project of a filmmaker is accepted in this Category of BMA (any length)

Mobile Film

Films are being recorded and processed with mobile/smartphone cameras (any length)

Films on Disability Issues

BMA’s special Category for films crafted with disability issues (any length)


Category for the films made in the LGBTQ theme of content (any length)

Educational Film

A Category for the films crafted on the educational theme and subjects (any length)

Silent Film

BMA’s special Category for Silent cinemas (any length)

Films on Religion

Our special Category for films crafted on religious issues (any length)

Film on Nature, Wildlife

Category for the Filmworks for the genre of Nature or Wildlife or Environment (any length)

Travel Film

BMA’s special Category for travel stories (any length)

One-Minute Film

Category for the 1-minute-long films

Postmodern Film

The postmodern film attempts to subvert the mainstream narratives and recreate the conscious reality (any length)

Free Speech

BMA invites filmmakers around the world to join this revolution by submitting films about Free Speech. As they express themselves, or give a voice to the oppressed (any length)

Music Video

BMA’s one of the most competitive Categories for Music Videos (any length)

Film Poster Design

This Category is for the unique postering works of a film


Special Category for the trailer or teaser of any film (5 minutes or less)

Amateur Film

A special Category for novice, newcomer filmmakers (any length)

Insights, Synopsis

An analytical piece of cinematic thoughts (Any length)

Romantic Short

BMA’s special Category for films made in the Romantic genre (any length)

Selfie Video

A film made of the selfie, or mobile front lens shooting (Any length)

Crime Short

BMA’s notable Category for the films dealing with dark-world subjects or storylines (any length)

Micro Short

Category for the films being shot in the Micro frames and subjects (any length)

Family/Children Film

A Category for the Films shot on the theme of Family or Children (any length)

Comedy Short

BMA’s Category for humorous, comedy films of any length

Psychological Thriller

BMA’s unique Category for psychological thriller films (any length)

Episodic Television

A special Category for the periodic TV programs (any length)

VFX Artwork

BMA’s exclusive Category for the Visual Effect works in film (any length)

Performing Arts

Category for the Cinemas based on the theme of performing arts (any length)

Creative Photography

Snaps from Film, Video, and TV sets are included. ONE IMAGE per submission

Best Director

Our Special Category for the Best Director Award

Best Actor

Our Special Category for the Best Actor Award

Best Actress

BMA’s most-anticipated Category for the Best Actress Award

Supporting Actor

BMA’s Special Award Category for the Best Supporting Actor

Supporting Actress

BMA’s Special Category Award recognizing the Best Supporting Actress

Best Cinematography

Another Special Category for the Best Cinematography Award


The Festival’s Best Film Editing Award

Sound Designing

Exclusive Category for the Best Sound Designing Award

Best Film Score - Soundtrack

A Special Award Category for the Best Music Composition


BMA’s Special Award Category for the Best Producer 

War Films

A Category for the cinemas built in the theme of war, or conflicts of battlegrounds

Vlogs - Video Blogs

A new-age genre for informative and exclusively shot Vlogs

Sports Films

A special category for films of sports, games