Bangkok Movie Awards, BMA

Rules & Regulations

Here are the rules and regulations you can look at before submitting your film(s) to BMA:


If any film(s) is recognized and awarded at the Bangkok Movie Awards (BMA) and subsequently selected for presentation and LIVE screening at the film festival, the filmmaker/submitter understands and approves that they are giving BMA complete and unrestricted permission and to charge an admission fee for the digital video program.

The Bangkok Movie Awards (BMA) is a tax-exempt non-profit cultural organization at the federal, state, county, and city levels. The filmmaker/submitter acknowledges and confirms that he will not receive any proceeds from receipts retained by the festival to cover festival production overheads. It should be noted that the festival receipts never cover the cost of presenting feature and short film programs.

All formats and regions play on Pioneer International professional equipment. All submissions are rigorously screened before public display to ensure DCP meets professional standards. The Bangkok Movie Awards (BMA) is not responsible for any technical difficulties that may arise during the screening of this film at the event itself. For the actual video presentation at the festival, the director will try to introduce the festival (DICC) to the new and pre-tested hard drive/DCP.

Despite being selected for screening, the film festival (BMA) has the right to modify the program dates and times and not screen the video due to unavoidable circumstances.